Before you Book  .  .  .

     Make sure

Make sure you know with whom you are booking - a cottage owner, their agent or an agent of an agent (the latter being more likely when there is no brochure available).


   Don't be
  Booking through an agent will give you a sense of security and the knowledge that the accommodation will be of at least a reasonable standard.

Booking direct with an owner should give you the most personalised service, after all they know their accommodation best. You can ask any questions you might have direct. When booking with an owner, check to see if the accommodation is tourist board graded and look for recent visitor comments from the visitors book on the web site.




  Book Early. If you plan to go in the summer holidays, consider booking before Christmas to give yourself the biggest choice of available weeks. Special 'last minute' deals don't exist in the same way as does with package holidays.


  If you do your home work right, staying in a holiday cottage is something quite special. No place is the same, so treasure each moment.





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