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By placing a small picture of your holiday accommodation with a link to your web site with us, you'll ensure that you will always be easily found. There is no charge for your first 2 properties which will remain totally free. Thereafter a charge of 12 per accommodation unit per year will be made.

We make our money through offering an availability search for which we can supply details along with a 3 month free trial of a yearly availability calendar (then 35 / year).

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Trends   As holiday trends continue to change reflecting global events, holidaying more often and closer to home is becoming ever more popular. And with the advent of the internet, never has it been easier to tap into this market resulting in a shortage of self catering accommodation.

Whether you own a holiday cottage and wish to explore the possibilities of renting it out or want to know more about marketing your holiday accommodation over the internet, this page is for you.


Are you up to it?   A letting or booking agent will deduct anything from 4.7% up to 33% off the weekly rental price to cover the costs of their services. Some take a flat booking fee of 15 or more for each booking passed on.

Naturally there is a correlation between the cut taken and the amount of advertising that is done. You may be wondering if you could not market and sell your holiday accommodation independently. Going it alone might seem a bit daunting at first but in reality with the help of the internet it has never been easier.

Strong Partners

Web Design   To succeed you'll appreciate the help of strong partners who can guide you and support you at every stage.

Key to your success is a well designed and informative web site. This can either be made by yourself or look at other web sites in your local area. When you find one which you like ask who designed it. Getting it designed locally means that it can be updated with local information and expanded much more easily. A good web site of a few pages should not cost you more than about a few hundred pounds. See our web design page for tips and web designers page for more information.


Availability Calendar

Live Provisional

  Integral to any web site is the possibility for the visitor to check latest availability and even better to allow provisional bookings to be made online ready for confirmation. Although many web designers will tempt you into accepting just a feed back form or a manual booking system whereby you must constantly delve into your web page programming to make changes, a much easier and more effective way is for the web designer to integrate a live availability or even provisional booking module programme into your web site. This also allows you to be alerted by fax or SMS when a booking is made.

This is easy to set up and means that any updates can be done by yourself very simply over the internet. You will no longer forget to mark the current week as not available when it has not been booked as this is done automatically. (This is important for security reasons).

But one of the biggest benefits of adding a centralised availability (and booking) module to your web site is that your available weeks can be marketed and advertised throughout the internet. see  etc.

We have partnered up with just Booking Ltd - the UK's No. 1 booking assistant - who are able to supply just such an availability and booking module for just 35 per accommodation unit per year. A small price to pay for the many advantages which it brings which also includes online booking management if required.

Marketing &
  Marketing and advertising should be done both offline in the print medium and online. A good online address such as  will get your sales off to a head start. Here your property will be seen rather than land in a data bank waiting to be found. An advert here is free of any charges while we make a small charge of 15 to appear in the availability searches.


Resource Centre
  Take out a 3 month free trial of a yearly availability calendar (and live booking form if required) for your web site and qualify to gain access to the online Accommodation Providers Resource Centre. This contains invaluable information such as sample correspondence letters, planners, a terms and conditions template, useful web links and much more to make life easy and bring you success.  



For more information, a free advert or to apply for a 3 month free trial of a yearly calendar and to appear in the availability searches,  click to email us  giving details of your accommodation web site.

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